Meet the ex after break up (How to look fresh)

 Meet your ex after break up?  don't worry babe! This is the best time for handle your broken heart, you must look so fresh and unbroken , remember that(!)
The important thing is no remaining tears or frog eye , oh hell.. you don't want he knows all the things you did last few days rite? cry and cry ...big no no!
this is the time when you must look beautiful, happy and full of smile
you have to prove him that you're doing well without him!
so this is it...

look in front of mirror, erase your sad face and change with happy face :)

a simple winged eyeliner with peach and pink eyeshadows

on the way to meet him, tell yourself you'll be okay and you are a strong women!
use any eye concealer if you didn't sleep well last night, give a highlighter on your nose, upper cheeks and lil bit on forehead.
The highlighter will give you a natural glowy and fresh look.
 but for oily skin, i  highly suggest to not use highlighter because it will only makes your face like full of sweat :D

for the hair and the outfit...
use a simple hairstyle, if you have a short hair like me maybe this could be your reference...
i am just straightening my hair and a little blowing for the tip hair..

to be honest, this is my usual hairstyle :D


just a small trick will make your hair look so stunning :)

and for the outfit..
use a simple style too but still look so dazzling..
i recommend a girly style or french fashion style because the two things are absolutely so sweet and unforgettable looks of course...
let him realize how beautiful we are and let him regret! :D *nasty idea*

The most important of these is wear anything that makes you comfortable

cheers and good luck!!

*the products that i used*
face : Tonymoly Baby Doll BB foundation
eyes : eyeshadow red a , silky girl eyeliner, lioele bubi bubi mascara
lips : red a lipstick + nivea pinkish boost

the bow i bought from naughty store at Pondok Indah Mall 1
the tops from Poin square lebak bulus
the skirt from itc ambassador
the pump shoes from fladeo
the bangles from blok m square
the necklace from eustacia&co
the hats orriginally bought at TMII (Jogjakarta's Pavillion)


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