1. Brown Pencil
2. Winged Eye Liner in Black
3. Coral/Peach Eyehadow as a base eyes make up
4. Rose and Soft Pink Blush on
5. Highlighter on nose, upper eyes, upper lips and cheekbones
6. Lips Concealer
7. Nude Lipstick

I know i am not a make up artist so i'm just an amateur :D
so don't mind if i did any mistake and far from this look ! but I've tried my best :>

noted : I don't use brown pencil because i have a "strong " color of eyebrows
so i let them like that :)

I don't know how to set the color settings on my pocket camera *sigh*
the color of my eyeshadow was too gold or yellow, the real it was coral...
I use pearl eyeshadow as highlighter :p 
around my nose, cheekbone and upper my lips ... you can see there with a flash settings on my camera 
*the right ones*
Nude lipstick, winged eyeliner and pink blush on!

The Product what i used :
TonyMoly Baby Doll BB  Foundation 02
Revlon Aqua Mineral Make Up #medium
SilkyGirl Gel Eyeliner #black
Pearl eyeshadow as highlighter
Revlon Photoready Concealer #lightpale as lip concealer
Nivea Tranparent Lipgloss
Beautistyle Lipstick #frenchlook


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