Today i wanna share my thought about TONYMOLY BABY DOLL BB FOUNDATION 02.
i bought this yesterday at Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta. The price is very affordable, it's only 109.000 rupiahs. This is how it looks :)

*you can click the pics for larger size*
you can see the swatch on my hand and it blends very light and natural coverage.

And this is My face without any concealer, just my bare face with the foundation, without edited!!! beware!! LOL :)
i have a few scars and discoloration, this foundation give a natural finish look which is very light to medium coverage, it depend what the tools you use, brush or sponge or just with your finger :)
This foundation would be a good choice for people who has a lil bit problem with skin, maybe a redness, or tiny pimples. but for people who needs more coverage, you should not wear this foundation, but maybe you could use this with concealer if you still want to try :)

What i love about this foundation :
- give my face a "natural" look
-the foundation is so light ,  i feel nothing when i wear this
-cheap price
-the fragrance, i smell somethin's .. like flowers, not sure :D
-very practice, travel friendly
-love the packaging, so simple
( i don't need to worry because it is not a bottle which is easy to crash )
-like a second skin when first time i applied on my face
-love the textures, not too thick and not too thin..

What i hate about this foundation :
-i hope it's available with many shade... i want a lighter shade honestly :D~
and nothing.
i just love it with my heart :)

rate : 5/5


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