The Beauty Products I can't go without...

The title means what products you always bring inside your bag. For me, i'm not make up freak who always touch up or use a "heavy" make up for everyday routine, but the most important for me is the skin care routine before going out...

maybe i will make another post of my skincare routine :)

and here's the beauty products i can't go without :
1. TonyMoly Baby Doll BB Foundation (My HG Foundation)
why i love this product?
Because this foundation very practice and easy to apply, easy to carry everywhere with this little packaging...
HG Foundation for my skin ( i have a combination skin which is my Tzone are oily, and my cheeks+around my lips are very dry) , the coverage is light to medium (medium if you apply this for 2 layers), and this foundation seems like a bb cream instead a foundation , which i love so much. And the price? very affordable... only 109.000 rupiahs :)
This product give me a dewy finish, glowy and natural look. This is not heavy and very very light feel when sit on your skin, my redness was fading even though my acne scars were still there... but i don't mind, maybe for people who want a flawless/super flawless..i don't recommend this for you, people :D
Ah ya, also remember the staying power of this product is too bad, only 1-4 hours, after that you need to touch up or re apply again but still i think this product is perfect because it's not make your face "too much make up" look..but this product still makes your skin breath :) and this product doesn't make my skin breakouts or any pimple appears (i'm used this product for 3 weeks).
the best result of this product if you use this with complete products (TonyMoly Baby Doll make up base and TonyMoly Baby Doll Powder) maybe it will give you a "matte" finish look...

2. Revlon Aqua Mineral Make Up
why i love this product?
even though the glitters are really appear every i use this product, but still... i love this!
the coverage is medium and cover your redness well. I always carry this on my bag!
but don't know if i find other HG powder, i'm interesting on TonyMoly BB powder so...let we see next time :D

3. TonyMoly Crstal Blusher
why i love this product
i'm in love for the first time because the price! :p
it's only 89.000 rupiahs...
about the staying so
but still , i always carry this blush on everywhere i go...
a lil bit glitters but okay ...
powdery but not blends well on my skin

4. Nivea pinkish boost
i have a dry lips... :( so this is my hero!
everytime, everywhere... i need to moisture my lips, i always use this before the lipstick / after the lipstick...

5. Silky Girl Black Gel Eyeliner
i'm not a fan of this eyeliner, but this is the only product i have for a gel eyeliner, i don't like wet eyeliner or pencil eyeliner, this is better than liquid eyeliner so i'm still using thiss..but not my HG..
i'll find soon :)

6. Maybelline Magnum Masscara
I love this! it makes my eyelasshes appear more dramatic!


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