This is a quick review of Banana Boat Aloe AFter Sun Gel. As you can see, from the there's so many good review about this product. And I'm agree! 
Superb! This product works on me everytime I use it.

I usually wear this gel to my face and my body

After dry it for 2 minutes

Like having an aloe leaf in a bottle ! -except the chemical  ingredients -_-"
But trust me, this gel really smooth and cool after applied in my face and my body.
I usually have some redness after facial/peeling, and this gel makes my face cooler than before, smoothing my face and I love to use this on a daily make up routine (as my mosturizer before applying foundation, or just mix this with your foundation - i ever heard some celebrity use that way (secret way for foundation application) and it makes her skin looks so smooth, believe it or not!

so I give this 4/5 stars

what i love:
I love the smell of aloe, this really soothes and moisturizes my skin
great primer for oily skin (it doesn't cause breakout or anything)

what i hate:
maybe just the alcohol ingredient -_-"

and What about you?
do you love this too?


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