Now I want to show you my "Juicy Pink Lips" make up look
because the pink lipstick was melted with my lips lol
and the eyes? I was imagined by blueberry fruit when creating this look ha-ha
does it really works?


for smokey eyes look : blend the two colors below with black eyeshadow and the result -- blueberry color, lol!
by the way, I was dissapointed with these mascara... I used this rarely but this mascara is clumping when opened --this is so bad and highly not recommended either the price was cheap.

For the face , I'm using Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation and Revlon New Complexion 2 Way Foundation Oil free *
*will post the review about this product next month

I am not using any blush, because I don't want my face look like a clown, too many color added

Hope you enjoy  this post and see ya!

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