Read Daily Horoscope Part I

Alright today is 2nd day of very first month of 2013, so let the horoscope tells what would be good today :p
i'm not a horoscope-believer but in fact, they tell the truth about myself (almost) and i do not take it too seriously but very enjoyable :D


(+) A positive start to the year
-oh thanks god-
(+) You are full of ideas
-yeah maybe, but most of it, it's my dream about wedding ideas lol-
(+) Today you are all good
-as always, honey-

(-) Perhaps it looked like you were sleeping, but you have already planed your vacations
-hope this is true, but unfortunately it won't, i am working now just-so-you-know-
(-) ready to offer well wishes and advice to friends all over the world
-by skype? --" i'm not a santa clause, c'mon -



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