Yesterday I went to Tamini Square and bought this lipstick, what news? This is the cosmetic product from Indonesian Fashion Designer, Poppy Dharsono! Is it true? yes of course, I googled it and this brand is real.

I am glad the price is so so cheaaap, around 30k rupiahs and it's not a joke! This lipstick is good for my first impression, I love the matte-texture but still moisturizing the lips and I don't feel any dry or bad at all.

I am choosing shade 19 and it's a matte dark red-chocolate-ish, I love this color and very wearable in any occasion (for me, It's not a big matter to wear red lipstick everyday haha-haha). I think this color is good for people who has yellow undertone and cool undertone. For those people who has warm undertone, maybe this shade too dark and give a dull effect (maybe, I guess) but this brand is so worth to try! trust me :p

The packaging is simple, not so cheap-out looking - I mean so so. I don't know even this is long lasting performance or not, but for the very first impression, I can say this is a matte lipstick, pigmented and wearable for my lips :*

So would you repurchase this, sha? Yes of course, with another shade :)

This is the swatch on my bare lips + lip concealer, The pictures are not exact same because the lighting/ just because my camera can't pick the most appropriate this true color but I tried to take the picture the most closely :) hope you understand ...

So Anyone has tried this lipstick? Is this Amazing or just not bad? 
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