THE SWATCHES : RED A LIPSTICK , from left to right ( 609, 606, 652, 651, 622 )
Coral, Pink, Pink Glitters, Coral Glitters and Fresh Red

Honestly, I don't use this lipstick everyday. Because it's not pigmented, not even stay for 1 hour, and hard to apply when your lips drier than usual. The staying power is very lack, but i don't hate this because the price is reallllly cheap haha~ so yeah,I believe with " there's a price there's quality" so I don't mind with this so-so lipstick because it's cheap, no problem as long as I can wear this range of colors for my experiments make up (FOTD) and not for going out, IT'S ALRIGHT :)

As you can see, the color is not pigmented and drying the lips, but it's not a big matter since I'm only using this for "FOTD" time not actually on daily time...

The price : around 6k-10k rupiahs
Avalaible in many range of colors



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