Hey readers, welcome MARCH!!! yeay, sorry for being late to review about this matte lipstick from REVLON, But really this is not a review though, it's only a post about my first impressionn because I'm only using this lipstick a few days ago! lol haha, recently bought these 2 lipstick last week :p

I bought these 2 beautiful colors, In The Red and Mauve It Over. In The Red was a DARK RED and Mauve It Over was a NUDE PALE LIPSTICK. 

I Bought these two lipstick for 100.000 rupiahs, and it's a cheap price. The quality is good and very matte on your lips, Good for a matte lipstick lover beacuse this lipstick very pigmented. Unfortunately, In Indonesia, the range colors of this matte lipstick were so HARD to find, only these 2 shade available... hate that fact *sigh*


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