Alright, honestly this is my favourite one for make up eyes creation, I love how winged and bold eyeliner with a lil bit smokey effect, I feel sexier, prettier and hotter than before (LOL) just kidding and yeah, happy looking girls!

I used a lighter shade of my usual foundation to make my face a lil bit fairier than my skin, I want a pale look with luminous effect on the top my cheekbones and my forehead. But I think I'm failed, haha~

The first thing, to create a perfect winged eyeliner and smokey eyes, I made a smokey eyes first. A soft smokey eyes...
What I used : Black liner pencil for the top and the bottom of eyelid, I made a thin black liner at those area
Brown eyeshadow for made the shadow effect after the black liner and the top of eyelid
silver eyes palette  for the corner of the eyes

After I finished that, I made a perfect winged eyeliner with Black Gel Eyeliner with winged brush.

and the photos...


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