Hey everyone! It's been a while since I bought my last make up haul, so I want to do a quick impression, swatch and FOTD for this post. Yesterday I bought Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation and Silky Girl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen 01 Blackest Black. But I wanna do the post about the whipped creme first, let's start ! :)

The packaging is so-so. It's not that bad or too good. The smell of this foundation is a lil bit annoying for me when I apply on my face, I don't know what kind of smell but honestly I don't like that smell. I choose the shade Warm Golden, I've tried the Medium Beige before and That's shade too light for my face. My face is lighter than my neck so I need the darker shade. If the tone of my face as same as my neck, for sure I'll choose the Medium Beige.

It's really whipped creme! The texture is smooth and matte finish (not too matte I guess). My face is yellow undertone, oily and acne prone. When I applied this on my face, I feel my face smoother and look so flawless. The first Impression : This product is GOOD

You can look closer below, It's a matte finish but feel so silky on the skin, I swear this is really a good feeling despite the fact the smell is annoying. In this picture, The shade look lighter than the top pictures , but This is only because the lighting is too bright, I took this snapshot when morning and in front of my window. 

For real IRL, You can see the pictures below. These two pictures I took with and without flash, compared with my another foundation shades.


The Texture
Medium-Full Coverage
Easy to blend
The Price is affordable (170.000 rupiahs)


The Smell! uurrgh
 They have such limited shades available
The Packaging
Breakouts :( 


This is my face with this foundation

I try to create "ulzzang" lips but i think I'm failed! haha



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  1. That's true the smell puts me off as well, I wish they changed it.. I wanted to share this cool link I have just found, it's a foundation finder by ps beauty and helps with finding the right colour, it's actually quite a good fun xx

  2. thanks for visiting dear! :) surely check it out!


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