D.I.Y Overnight Remedy for Oily Face and Acne Prone skin, what's the best?

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You know what I'm talking about, yes it's about D.I.Y for my oily face and acne-prone skin.
What's D.I.Y? Maybe you've already known it's an abbreviation/acronym from Do It Yourself, maybe some people don't know the whole meaning from D.I.Y for beauty concerns.

D.I.Y Do-it-yourself, homemade, for anything, it could be an art, handcraft, make up or  for benefit your beauty. The one I told is concerned for beauty, it's like beauty regimen but with my own thought and homemade. I have an oily skin, acne prone, large pores and sensitive skin, sometimes after burnt from the sun my skin will get redness in some areas, my skin always response some allergic reaction if it doesn't suitable with my skin condition, sometimes because  the skincare, make up either.

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I always want to do some D.I.Y beauty regimen for make my face healthier and fresh! 
and thanks for Google! because there are so many recommendation beauty regimen when I search the keywords "D.I.Y for oily skin" and it helped me much.

These are the D.I.Y Beauty Regimen I've tried so far...


You can use the gel for face mask everynight to get a fresh face in the morning
success rating : **** (4 stars) from *****(5 stars)
It's true my face looks fresher and brighter in the morning, but it didn't do anything for my acne/zits, zits are still there but the redness was gone...
This is my favourite one for my overnight beauty regimen!


Oatmeal Face Mask or you can use it as a cleanser, use only twice a day.
morning and the night before sleep for cleanser
twice a week for face mask
the result : you will get elastic and moisturized skin in the morning
I think this one is better for dry skin ;)
success rating : *** (3 stars) from ***** (5 stars)


White Egg Face mask is the simplest D.I.Y I've seen this far, but honestly this isn't suitable for my skin ( when I tell you -my skin- it's really means My OWN Skin... maybe some people are success with this egg mask)
After using for 1 night, what happened to me in the morning?
I have many whiteheads around my forehead (fyi, my forehead is the cleanest area, free from acne!)
I'm freaking annoyed when I look my forehead in the mirror and oh on my chin and nose too...
I think this white egg face mask is disqualified from my beauty regimen, so sorry egg...
better I eat you ;)
success rating : -


100% pure Honey, as a mask.
only in a few seconds, I feel my face so itch, very itchy
And I think I can't continue even just for one night, so I wash my face immediately and sleep well
I imagined the ants sitting comfortly in my face when I sleep if I am still using that mask hahaha
success rating : -


 What can I say with Lemon Face Mask? I mean the lemon you pear and applied entire my face, not the product of lemon fask mask one.
I feel sore and itchy.
And if you have a big pimple around, you must be careful to use this...
because it will exacerbating the acne and it will very sore in infected areas
maybe because Lemon has strong astringent and antibacterial properties.
success rating : -

6. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

I'm interesting with this product because some beauty forums discuss about it, It says heal acne, smoothing your skin and good for oily skin. Oil for oily skin? yes, because the cleansing method is to reduce oil with use oil... it's a famous one, OCM (Oil Cleansing Method). It can used for cleanser(with cotton. to clean your make up) or as a face mask before sleep.
I've tried both of them, as a cleanser I can say it's a good way to clean your face... (I'm applied my waterproof mascara and this oil did a good job for that, very easy and clean) but for a face mask?
I'm only suffered for 2 hours and getting out from my bed and wash my face!
I'm not comfort being oily when I sleep... I think it won't works either...
some people say they're breakouts after using this overnight, ugh.
success rating : *** (3 stars) from *****(5 stars)

and yes, I've tried the natural remedy for my skin...
some people tell it works, some people tell it's a gross
so what natural remedy or your D.I.Y you've ever tried?
Does it works on you?

give your comments below ladies! :)


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