Heyhey my marvelous, back to another First Impression's post ! udah lama enggak mereview atau ngasih first impression about makeup product, so this is it...
Kebetulan banget and luckily me, I win a twitter contest by +makeoverid and it's unbelieveable... I get the direct message and they tell me I win! wohoooo... senangnyaaaa. Akhirnya kemarin aku ke Fx untuk ambil hadiahnya, dan yang paling bikin aku seneng banget karena pas sekali aku lagi nyari-nyari eyeliner yang bernuansa glitter and makeover has it!

What I get :
Cosmetic pouch
3 Eye Liner Pencil #navyblue #brownlatte and the new shade #goddessgold
Liquid eyeliner ( aaah I can't do review/first impression about this one, my mom steal this first when she looks this! >.<)
Voucher 50.000 Rupiahs for minimum purchase 150.000 (what  a great deal!) valid until 01 October 2013
a Small Sharpener and a MAKEOVER Catalogue.
The Beauty Assistant said the prize cost is 300.000 rupiahs! and I get them all for FREE ^^

Alrighhht, lanjut ke kesan dan pesan pertama alias my very first impression about the products.
Aku dapat 3 shade dari eye liner pencilnya dan langsung coba tes di tangan, pencahayaan normal ,depan kaca kamar.

Which I LOOOVEE is super pigmented. Ya, Ini pencil eyeliner pertama yang pernah aku coba, dan langsung bikin jatuh cinta, glidenya smooth waktu dicoba ke kelopak mata, ga kasar sama sekali.
Ini untuk mengetes smudge proof, ketahanan eyeliner dan water proof or not.

What do you think girls? Do you love this one? Honestly, I am in LOVE with these products, affordable and not like a cheap product (yang paling penting! noted).

And the conclusion is.....
For my first impression, let's give it a try...
Recommended for you who love eye liner pencil  :)
And here's my FOTD using this products!

The Eyes Detail

Thanks for reading, tell me your opinion and comment below ladies! 
with love,


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