Hey dear... Happy weekend! It's a saturday, yeay \m/
And yaaa, happy fasting bagi yang puasaaaa...

Now I want to do a makeup tutorial for PEACHY PEACH MAKEUP LOOK, I've got the inspiration from a model recommends from youtube, sssshh she is one of my favourites beauty gurus on youtube! mukanya, makeupnya, gaya bicaranya itu so so british but she looks so humble and down to earth, LOVE!

I don't copy all she did for the peachy peach make up, I just follow some of her tricks and this is her natural peachy make up look :

She has a good bone structure and she's a model... beautiful!

I know she's pretty without make up on, well we know that...

if you wanna know what she used for the make up and the tutorial, you can just click here :)

Alright.... she is a "boy crush" in a town, heart her <3

Dan sekaraang saatnya mulai bermakeup, fyi I don't create the exact look... ya, dia pakai eyeshadow dan alisnya ga diapa-apain aja sudah kece banget yaaa.... hahaha, love her blue eyes...

Prepare the face!
seperti biasa, foundation, concealer, bedak padet ...
(*just click the pic for larger size)
*foundation diapplikasikan juga ke leher 
supaya warnanya merata, begitu juga bedaknya

The eyes!
-apply your peach/orange eyeshadow all over your lid... 
-create a sharp black liner to make your eyes more outstanding!

-blending your eyeshadow, apply your favourite mascara.

-brow your eyebrows and create a soft brown eyebrows
*sigh* hate the different lighting
The cheeks!

and The Lips!

Finish look :
clothes changed, messy hair and ready to go....

and the outfit...
maafkan pose saya yang weird yaa ~
By the way ini wedges yang dibelikan Denwin , makasih ya sayang!

Have a nice saturdaaaaay ,ladies!!!


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