Talk about July, Hey welcome to my life Julz!
hihihi, you know, It's been hard -lately...
so I hope with your present, It will be GOOD? ok? deal? 

Hey July, you know what?
June was so hard for me, I always pray for your coming everyday.
I don't hate June, but I told June to be nice... But June wasn't nice
I don't mean anything, I don't say June is bad but..

July, I want you to know what's on my dream...
what's on my wishlist
what's on my brain...

I don't force you to do all of my request
I just wanna you know...
because I want you to be my bestfriend...
ok,  :)

My dream is simple, don't hate me because I was born in December...
but yeah, I am a capricorn.
I am selfish, hard like stone.
I just wanna live with peace life,
I just wanna happy everyday,
I just wanna marry with someone I love this year...
Why I wanna marry this year?
It's because I have been hurt all this time.
as always, people always hurt me.
but you won't , don't you? :)

I am so tired.
I'm kinda relationship-depressed
I'm really lost, yes I'm lost.

I'm in hurry, I do not want spend a wrong relationship again.
who loves me , who likes me
just marry me, and I will accept him
I'm sick enough in a wrong relationship, I wanna be a better person
shall we?

July, I don't need somebody who hate me
I don't need people who want to change me
I just need ordinary man, who the simplest man
in this world
to propose me soon...
you know what I want? The new ones, not my ex or anyone I ever knew...

I've told you all my dream,
what's on my wish
what's on my brain...

Thank you July for listening
I love you, so you won't hurt me, don't you?



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