Heyya, I'm back with another MUC from Indonesian Beauty Blogger Group, this time is "POP YOUR KPOP!" and sponsored by Lioele Cosmetics Indonesia. I know my face is not korean or cute or innocent so on and so on... but lemme try this challenge! ^^.)
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The prizes worth for IDR 500.000! whoaaaa, I'm excited to do this! I always love korean makeup, flawless and dewy finish. The natural look and healthy face, what a great makeup look for everyday :)
Everything about Korean Makeup! Drama, Music, Movie etc

So this time I wanna create korean makeup look and wish me luck!

source: google

Korean Makeup Look :

Flawless finish
Highlighting and Dewy look
Flat Eyebrows
Winged Eyeliner (soft/heavy)
Glowing and Healthy Face
Flirty or innocent poses (lol)

Alright, that's my thought about Korean Makeup Look and that's for Kpop Look! 
I want to create a natural Kpop Look today, so let me show you my makeup look ^^

I don't create a makeup look from girlband or actress or singer from Korea spesificly. What I know is what I create, so this is my Natural Everyday Makeup Look Inspired by Kpop Look, highlighter and gradient lips (The most Important things!) ^.^

Everytime I watch the korean drama, the actor/actress has flawless face without too much makeup on, very natural but glowing! I even don't think they were using lipstick, their lips so healthy and fresh... No different between actor and actress in Korea, Both of them are beautiful! ahahahha.

And did you know about aegyo sal ?
Aegyo sal means 'eye smiles' or 'cute skin' and is new trend in Korea. Bigger eye bags and puffy eyes! And I also create this "aegyo sal" for my makeup look this time. I know I'm failed --"

But please give an attention to my eyebrows... see?
flat eyebrows.
Don't worry this is only temporary because my original eyebrows are still there, I'm only camouflaging the eyebrows with heavy foundation and concealer around there.

A little pink blush on and winged eyeliner <3
I hope you're not bored to see my face recently... 
Thank you for visiting and comments are welcome ladies!
And for you who love Kpop or Korean Stuffs..or everything about Korea... you should join this Make Up Challenge!!
See you on my next post!
cheers, kamsahamnida *.*

By The way I want to tell you my favs korean drama all the time :

Boys Before Flowers
Full House
The Woman Who Still Want to Marry *Kim Bum <3
You're Beautiful *who don't love Jang geun Suk, Lee Hong ki and Jung Yong Hwa?
49 Days *very sad ending
Secret Garden
My Girlfriend is Gumiho
Protect The Boss *absolutely, my jaejooong~
Rooftop Prince
BIG *even I hate the ending, very weird ending

But now I don't have many time to watch korean drama because blogging more interesting! hahaha

My favs Girlband :

My Favs Boyband :
I'm only love them! my jaejoong, my yoochun and xia junsu!!! hahaha *selfish*

*My OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)*

Acid Wash Denim Shirt - Spyderbilt
Glitters Top - Modelist
Wedges Sneakers - Topshop

“Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one's own, it is always 20 times better.” 
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