RUNWAY MADNESS COLLABORATION Project with Endi Feng featuring Catra Samoedro

Hey my beauty readers, How's your day? Hope everything's good and nice yaa...
I hope you more excited for this one, because now I want to share you about my makeup collaboration with my makeup gurus I adore... They're Endi Feng and Catra Samoedro ( her vlog here !)
I've known Endi from far far times ago...  from Female Daily and so with Catra, it's like meet your old friend isn't it? As you know, Endi Feng always doing a Makeup Challenge every month. So this time, We make a collaboration for makeup and challenge! Surpriseeeeee..... because for Endi Feng's Challenge this month, He's not alone... He's supported by me and Catra, see how we already made makeup look from Runway, Haute Couture! *Remember my post here when I want to held a giveaway? So I change My Blog Giveaway with Makeup Collaboration and Challenge Prizes ^^*






3. Format tweet [caption twitpic #RunwayMadness @endi_feng @aulliauuuul @CatraSamoedro]
4. Don't forget to write your account name too
5) Start from 26 August 2013 until 14 September 2013

It's so easy right?
and for the PRIZE?
just see Endi's blog here for ALL THE PRIZES :)
ahh and don't forget to see catra's blog  here too, she gives a prize tooo! 

And this is the special prize from me :

Since I bought two tops, I will give another one especially for my Blog Giveaway :)
This top fits S-M 

This pic when I wore mine :)

And NEW red dress by Shanika Basic (Size S)

And Maybelline Baby Lips !

Don't forget to read the rules before join this Challenge Contest, girls! 
*you can try these looks below!*

Remember! the prizes aren't only from me... but from Make Up Tool Shop, Lalaluna Beauty and Catra! So if you wanna see another prizes, just see their blog.. :)

Catra Samoedro Make Up Inspired by Anna Sui Fall 2013

Endi Feng Make Up Inspired by Givenchy Fall Winter 2013

and my makeup look inspired by Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

Here's my quick tutorial for create the Hairband and also the gothic net lashes (Do.It.Yourself)!

And This is my eyes makeup tutorial, very simple and easy to do! :)

Here's the final makeup look from me !

Well my version is different with the original, I knew it hehee... I can't find the "net" things , so I just cut "another" material that I could find in my house :))

This one collage below captured by my cell phone ^^
What do you think? Do you love "Runway makeup" too?

with passion and love,


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