Hello ladies! Now I want to share about my makeup look inspired by The Prettiest and Sexiest Woman on the Earth, Scarlet Johansson! Here's now I want to show you my makeup look inspired by her! Don't even compare me with her, please? I'm cool and She's sexy, so we should be different :p

This is the makeup look from her, Which I love the most...
Bold Lips , Wing Eyeliner and Flirty eyes

Here's my original photos :

1. Contouring, Bronzer
2. Pink Blush On
3. Highlighting, Highlighter
4. Shading
5. Highlighting

What I Use :
Revlon Colorstay Foundation normal/oily skin #naturalbeige
Revlon Aqua Mineral Makeup #lightmedium
Tonymoly Crystal Blusher #pleasurepink
Revlon Colorstay e/s 500 addictive intoxicuant
Revlon Big Brush Mascara
Ardell Falshies
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick #Ruby
Makeover Goddess Gold Eye Liner
Max Factor Bronzer #golden
Makeover Liquid Liner #black
Mac eyeshadow #embark
Mac eyeshadow #swisschocolate

with awesome kiss,


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