Pond's "New" White Beauty Event at Hotel Mulia Senayan + The Products!

Pond's Institute re-launching their Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White
25 September 2013
At Narcissus Room
Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Do you know about one brand about skincare, the biggest and the first company in Indonesia? Yes It's POND'S! Pond's launched their new formula : Korean Ginseng and Saffron for New Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Series. You can check the officially Website here , Facebook here and Twitter here . 

I got an invitation from female daily 23 September 2013 for Pond's White Beauty Event and I didn't know about the dresscode. 24 September 2013 I got an email from Kak Anggie (Female Daily) who was invite me to come and she told me about the dresscode when I read that email at 18.00 PM! I didn't have pink outfit for(ever) and I'm not girly in fashion, so I thought I won't come. My Boyfriend picked me up and he told me he bought me a pink dress because last call I told him on a phone about the "pinkish-white" dresscode. He's so generous and kind, my boyfriend! hahaha -that's the true story <3 Back to the event,  I was in hurry and late. I came to the room at 18.00 PM. I sat beside my beauty blogger friend, Misa raisu... and sadly it was backmost >.< 

Pond's New White Beauty introduced the new innovation for whitening product yesterday at Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta selatan. Ponds as you know as a first brand for whitening product in Indonesia, introduced about the new standard of beauty, New Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White (Korean Ginseng and Saffron). The event hosted by Nadia Mulya, The Famous presenter in Indonesia and she's so beautiful (of course!). She wore a pretty dress and curly hairstyle yesterday.

Left to right : Riyanti Teressa , Nadia Mulya , Misa Raisu and me ^^
Left to right : Sasya Ailee , Misa Raisu, me and Riyanti Teressa
The place was so comfy and so pinky, of course you can see the girls with pinkish outfit around you. Yes, all the beauty bloggers invited with the dresscode "Pinkish-White". Sasya from Hellosasyachi.com, she paired her chiffon shirt with the gold accents in the collar and salmon-colored long skirt, I saw the hotpants inside the skirt! She's so fashionable . Misa from Misaraisu.com, she's so sexy with the salmon-colored dress (same colour with Sasya's skirt!) paired with white chiffon accent around her shoulders to wrists. Riyanti Teressa , She's so casual and chic. She paired the pink tanktop with long necklace and gray-mini skirt. 

Oh well, I met other beauty bloggers too. They're Mada Foe from cantiktanpabangkrut.blogspot.com and Catra Samoedro from shinelikeastarr-beauty.com. I've already know them from Female Daily Forum. Even they didn't wear the dresscode, they're still fabolous!

Left to right : Me, Catra and Mada
another pose with Catra \m/
Alright, move to another photos, shall we? The decoration was beautiful, pretty pink flowers around me, macaroons, cupcakes, marshmallow and many sweet candy. For the dinner, I ate sushi and sushi. Other main course like dimsum, pasta, and many more. But I just starred for sushi, I love sushiiii! But poor me, I was in hurry and forgot to take "sushi's photos" , apologize.

When the event started, Nadia Mulya as a host presenting about the new formula in Pond's New Beauty, Korean Ginseng and Saffron. Korean Ginseng's formulated to clarifying the skin for radiant look and blushy-white. The extract from Saffron Flower's helped for brightening the skin even the stubborn  dark spots!

  1. Pond's White  Beauty Translucent Pinkish White For All Skin Types : for all skin type
  2. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Even For Sensitive Skin : for sensitive skin type and dermatology tested
  3. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Spotless for Acne Prone Skin : with spot-less complex and dermatology tested for oily and acne-prone skin type
  4. Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Advanced SPF15 : with sunscreen for everyday use

Dr. David Birtwistle as R&D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever Asia Tenggara and Australasia explained about that Pond's Institute very understand about what woman's desire  for the skin, most of woman in Indonesia love translucent pinkish white skin like Korean girls. Because white skin is not enough, you need rosy glow appear in your cheeks to look healthier than only white. Like Pond's campaign, Jernih Putih Merona is what every woman wants for beauty skin :)

Korean women have always had a face that looked smooth and clean. Sure to be a great dream to have the same things as them, so Pond's researched what the best ingredients to get the Healthy Skin with Translucent Pinkish White look. 

New Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White for all skin type is now available in every counter in Indonesia. Grab it and feel the real beautiful skin with translucent pinkish appear on your face!

What I love from this event was the mingle session. Yes, after launched the new formulas on Ponds White Beauty, we had free times to enjoy our dinner or snack time, mingle with another beauty bloggers, chit chat and so on. Like I said, the room decoration was so beautiful and pretty! Flowers, pink, and lovely people around.

Misa Raisu with Catra Samoedro

take some pics with instag camera, try the products and feel the flower scent
Misa when she tested the products direct her hands

Misa told me the floral scent is too strong when she applied the cream on her hands  but I love the scent >.<
And the most surprised thing is...
I won the best dress!!!
I got the Kate Spade Tote Bag, for FREE! GOSH, YOU BELIEVE IT?

Thank you for this pic chell ^^ I got this pic from PolishWonderland.com
3 Winners for tweet competition and 3 winners for best dress

I didn't take the 3 winners of tweet  competition because my chair position was too far from the front stage. I'm sorry for that, when Pond's team choosed me as one of the best dress winners I also forgot to take the photo with 2 other best dress winners.

After the event finished, I went home with a pretty goodie bag and I was just too curious about the products so I tested it out to my hands...

Pretty bracelet <3
Unique pink plastic bag with pink-blue stones ...

This is The Powdery Finish day Cream, You can use it as a make up base or just as a sunblock :)

This day cream has an instant effect for brighten the skin, love the matte finish !
This is the Light Moisturizing night cream...
The texture is so diffrerent with day cream, this is more humid and sticky
Instant moisturizer for the skin , night use .
Alright, let me using the products to my face and look the "pinkish" glow in 3 secs!

Alright, after my long post today... I wanna tell you about the best thing about this products is affordable! You can buy it anytime, wherever and anywhere. I wanna give these products a try, so would you join with me? Try these two products for your everyday routine and let's get the translucent white beauty skin ^.^


If you want to get the beauty and smoothness like Korean women, you are able to apply the following secrets. Korean women provide flawless and beautiful complexion and Korea hosts some of the most advance beauty treatments. So what exactly is the secret to Korean beauty and excellent skin? Besides from their diet full of vegetables and fish, Korean women spend hours primping and priming their face perfectly. Korean beauties spend literally hours and cash to achieve their perfectly toned, plump and youthful complexions.

My Beauty Blogger Friends...

Have a nice day!

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