Whoaaa it's been a while since I wrote my last post , I'm already missing "write" time a lot! By the way I wanna tell you about two products from Maybelline , the Dream Liquid Mousse and The Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer. Have u tried both of them ladies?

Alrite, the first one I wanna tell you is Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. This foundation is quite good despite I hate the smell of it. The texture absolutely likes a mousse.

As you can see... the color is quite yellow and I'm in Sandy Beige - Medium1

The coverage is medium , hard to blend because if you apply 2/3 layers I notice my skin get cakey. This liquid-mousse formula is suitable for dry to normal skin. In fact, my skin is oily - combination , so the foundation will not suitable for me... and yes. The foundation applied and melted for hours in my skin --"

But for you who love dewy effect or glowing effect, this would be a great product to try ^^ especially for normal skin.

Without foundation and with foundation

I bought it for 109.000 rupiahs - 30ml

Next, this is Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer... I forgot the price buy it's cheap I swear I swear!

The packaging is so simple. It's like a lipgloss packaging by the way... I got medium-sand for the shade.

Overall , this concealer do a good job for concealing my acne spots or dark circle. So I recommend this concealer for you who likes affordable concealer without hurt your wallet :p Maybe next time I'll compare this one with my HG concealer by Revlon Photoready ^^

This is a liquid concealer but dried quickly, which is good ;)

So ya that's all my quick post about first impression 2 products from Maybelline. I love the concealer, since this is the first liquid concealer I ever try ^^

The liquid Mousse is a good product eventho I think I must try another one which is suitable for oily skin. 

So Have a good day and Happyyy Thursday!


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