Happy Birthday...

When I turn twenty, I might be feeling old... but now, I'm officially 25 years old. I even forget about how to celebrate my birthday this year. Thanks for everything ever happened all this time, Thanks God for let me breathe until this age, I won't regret anything. 

When I was a kid, I once asked to my Mom why her face looks tired. I always disturb my Dad when he's fixing the car. And laugh all day because my brother put some jokes and showing me a silly face. 

I was so happy because my Mom sewed me a tiered dress, as a birthday present. My face looked so happy when I see my old pics when I'm using the dress. I love my family more than everything, eventhough I'm not the best daughter in the world... but My parents are the best. I love them, I love my brothers, I'm so happy to be a part from this little family.

Nobody tell me that being an adult would be difficult. Becoming an adult was a process, which will never be able to guess and imagined easily as we say about our dreams when we were kids. You have to go it alone, drive your way, feel it, hurt, disappointment, dicouragement, successful and happy.

20 years and older, you aren't going to think about "a waste things", you become more realistic and I think it's cool. 

Now I know, being an adult is not made-up. You have to fall and get up for yourself. You should be able to take the right decision, not a quick decision.

The more you get older, the more you know that not everyone is good for you. Not everyone is able to keep its promise to you. You have to be tolerant and accept the mistakes you did with sincere heart.

Let those who aren't meant to be, leave you. Because they aren't destined to be with you. Let the memories be the best lesson and make you more powerful. Despite being a strong person, must undergo a severe test, but believe me all the pain you've ever felt before, will not be in vain. 

There's a friend who said " Maybe a few years from now, you will be grateful for your past or perhaps thank you for meeting me today, someday you will remember whatever has happened in the past are related with what is going to happen in future." Thank you Z, hugs. The words ever you said is really inspired me so much. And yes, you came when I was invisible. 

I also have a friend named Luna, we always joke about our fate. Love, Life and Friendship. She is very mature, independent and strong. I can tell her anything like Luna also talked to me. We sing like crazy, we laugh like idiots, cry hard together and all the load feels lighter than ever. She is the only friend who would say bad things about me in front of me, she is my bestfriend. Luna once asked about when she married and about her wishes " Have a husband, honeymoon, have a baby, push strollers, and have a romantic dinner together with you but with the condition we've both got married together."  I hope all her wishes come true because I also want the same thing. Certainly very beautiful, when we were both married, vacation and dinner together, each with a husband and cute children next to us. Thanks my dear Luna, I hope our friendship is timeless. 

Life is full of color, therefore there is a rainbow. You don't have to like all the colors to feel alive. Choose the color you like, no one has the right to judge. Never hate someone too much, never love someone too much. Be fair, not to others but do it for yourself. Be good, not to be labeled good but do it with a sincere heart and as much as you would like to be treated. Anytime you feel hurt, lied, abandoned, failed, destroyed... remember that God always see everything. Even the smallest secrets you have, but God always forgive you although you are full of sin, the proof is that you still alive. God gives the chance for you to turn into a better person. Don't you realize?

Happy Birthday, 


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