CONCEALER REVIEW : Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue Long Lasting Softening Concealer

"I need a concealer! Really, A Great Concealer! " 

Okay, let me tell you babes... Few months lately, My face is not in a good condition, acne scars and new zits everywhere. Hate to say about it but yeah, I think it's hormonal acnes because some zits were in my jawline. Anyway, I eat everything too so yeah too much coffee or delicious cake entered my tummy. Lack of sleep and stress also contributing me a new comer, which is my forever enemy... Acne -.-

So yeah, I need a concealer asap... And this is it! I bought this after searching some reviews and reading about THE BEST CONCEALER 2014 and so on... This product is really have a good review based on internet, without overthinking about the price... I decide to buy and bring this little baby go home.

How this concealer cover the black spots :

And for two layers...


I love this concealer especially for under-eye, to give an impression of a brighter under eyes. I mean this is not for dark-spots concealer eventhough it says long-lasting but I think the coverage is not enough for a really dark spots or big acne. But for a redness or just freckless, this concealer is recommended! It does the job, give a healthy skin look-alike and yes, it has spf on it. I ever used this concealer for covering my zits and it was a big problem. My zits were bigger than before after applying this concealer, oh please I couldn't make sure about that problem because this product or not. Since then, I never use this concealer for my acne or acne scars. I only apply for my dark under eyes to avoid any breakouts. 

Would I Repurchase?

Honestly Yes! But I think the price is too expensive for me, for a 15 ml ? I don't know. I use it everyday for my "dark" under eyes and this is really my HG under-eye concealer, but only a small amount every use, smallest amount because you know... It's damn expensive, lol!

Price : Rp. 470.000,00
Available 3 Shades ( 01, 02, 03)

**This review based on my honest opinion and I bought this product with my own money

So tell me what's your favourite concealer , Babes!


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