The new things in my make up collection from MAYBELLINE!

Alright back with new post = newcomers. Yeay! A few months ago , I won a blog competition from Maybelline. I got a bunch of make up products and MAP vouchers. Thank you Maybellline New York Indonesia! Love :)

I got -/+ 15 items and so excited to try all of them! The one I like from the first impression is Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, yes I kinda love the color and texture. The new product is Dream Satin Skin line... The Foundation and the compact powder, unfortunately wrong shade. I got shade B3 for the foundation which is too dark and shade 01 light for the powder which is lighter than my skintone. I bet I won't use them, It will look like tan face with a white flour on me >.<

So what's your favourite product from Maybelline? ^^


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