The first liquid lipstick that changes lip color forever.

Infused with liquid balm to give your lips – and you – that silky, cushiony feel. All in one stunning angora-brush finish. Intense color of a lipstick, shine of a gloss and comfort of a balm in a tube.

Available on many shades and I got the shade GLAM 4. The color is Coral, with glitters and shiny finish. Maybe if you are a fan of matte finish, you won't like this as much as I like. Even I prefer matte to shiny but this one is great to make your lips looks fuller. I feel so glamour and sexy with the glitters. It's not drying my lips or sticky feeling , it's just give a good texture on my lips.

The packaging is quite nice. With the angora-brush and "Lipstick" look alike from the outside, which is good because you can see your shade just from the packaging. It's not looking like a cheap product though, it's really simple. I even can't tell if it's a glass or a plastic material for the packaging, but I can say it won't easily broken when dropped.

The color is so beautiful
You can wear it alone or after put a lipstick
It's not drying my lips
The glitters, I feel really glamour
It's not sticky in my opinion
Very affordable price, around 80.000 Rupiahs.

It's not a long lasting on my lips (After eat and drink)
and nothing!

Final thought : 4,5 from 5!

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens” 
― Tony DeLisoLegacy: The Power Within


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