Hello my fellow readers everywhere, anywhere and whenever you read this post I just wanna say Hi, How are you? :) Anyway, this is really my kinda "random" post which still related to make up but not a tutorial or "FOTD" post , I want you to know that everyone has flaws so do I. This is my transformation make up look from zero to "something I wish I was born this way look ". For me I dont wear make up to impress men or because I have a low self-confidence. I just want to say that make up is so playful, there's no rules to make and if you wanna do a strong contour, highlight, strobe or even bake your undereye with heavy concealer, do it. I am not a make up artist by the way, I am a beauty blogger. I do make up for fun. Whether you use it to cover up insecurities or to doll up before your birthday party, make up has the power to transform a woman's face. Make up is there for you when you need to enhance your natural features. Again, so stop shaming a woman for the way she looks, whether it be her weight, the way she dresses, or the amount of make up she wears.

I am super-oily, acne-prone skin. I have some dark spots and uneven skintone. I am not going to share any tips for achieve a flawless make up look but... look at my face you can see my skin is not perfect. I don't wear pounds of make up for everyday look, but on a special occasion I do a full coverage make up to cover all my imperfection, it's really fun anyway!

Believe or not, when you write "Power Of Make Up" on Google...there are tons or more about Women's face or even Men that show their dramatic make up transformation. And why people  keep commenting and shocking about it? I know there are women who would rather stay natural and only wear a lip balm and there are women who love to wear a full-face make up. Don't compare them because it doesn't make sense. Everyone is different. I believe less is more, so I don't wear much make up for everyday but this doesn't make you have the right to judge anyone with heavy make up for everyday look. However, I always get compliment from my followers on instagram when I wear natural or no make up make up look, "you look so natural, I love your face, this natural look is the best! bla bla bla". And you know what? It doesn't make me stop to wear bold lips, smokey eyes, full lashes, heavy contour and highlighter everytime I want. But also don't forget to take care of your skin, use of moisturizer can really help repair your skin. At bedtime after cleansing and toning, apply a moisturizer. every night.

I hope this post will be helpful for you and don't forget to leave a comment. Don't be ashamed of your make up , it will inspire others. See you soon!


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