Do you want a healthy, luminous and porcelain skin? Have you dreamed about naturally, beautiful smooth skin that is flawless and evenly-toned? Have you tried numerous skin creams, serums and sunscreens but got no result? If you've tired to these questions, then you finally have an answer. It's SOS UV PORCELAIN+ we are talking about. 

What it is :
Manufactured in USA. Certified by US FDA and clinically proven. An oral supplement (750mg per capsule) formulated to lighten overall skin tone, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, stimulate collagen and elastin prodcution, and increase skin elasticity.

Benefits :
Proprietary Alpha-Porcelain formulation for skin whitening and brightening
Fernblock for protection against UV rays and reduced sun sensitivity
Proprietary Collagen peptide for increased skin elasticity and reduced fine lines

For all skin types :
Normal, Oily, Combination and Dry

Solutions for :
Dull and lack lustre skin
Age spots, stubborn melanin patches and uneven skin tone
Sunscreen and protection against UV rays 
(particulary suitable for those who are sensitive to topical sunblocks)
Lack of skin elasticity

How to use :
Each 750mg capsule is hygienically package in individual blister. Recommended to be consumed once a day on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before sun exposure.

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SOS UV Porcelain+ is an oral supplement, which has great benefits. This supplement can deliver your skin glow-ingredients you wouldn't normally eat. It has L-Glutathione, Polypodium Leucotomos Extract, Vitamin C, Collagen Peptide, Alpha-Porcelain, Magnesium Stearate and Rice Bran in the ingredients. What I learned from research, natural collagen production slows as we get older and existing collagen can get damaged due to sun exposure and bad skin habits. The wrinkles start arriving regularly, pores get bigger as skin become less elastic. Luckily, SOS UV Protection+ have all the benefits that can help our body to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and of course increase skin elasticity + protect the skin from UV rays.

After a month of consuming the product, I did see an improvement on my skin. I noticed that my skin discoloration has faded. My skin become one shade lighter! It also helped lighten the dark spots and acne scars around my forehead and jawline. I'm so satisfied with SOS UV Porcelain+ and give a 4 out of 5. Though, do not expect that it will give me a dramatic result but it does help me achieve smoother and glowing complexion. Overall, I recommend taking SOS UV Porcelain+ if you're looking for a supplement to give you a lighter skin while protecting you from UV rays. And if you're pregnant, nursing or planning any medical procedure please seek your doctor's advice before use.

What I Love :
Skin and health benefits
It helps me achieve a brighter and glowing complexion
No breakouts
My skin stays plump and smooth
US FDA certified

What I don't like :
It's pricey
Available online only

Price :
$169.00 / 30 capsules

However, it's important to be consistent and patient for taking oral skin supplements but trust me it really works on my skin. I ever heard about the connection between what I was consuming and my complexion. It was right, the best way to start is from within. When I load up on skin supplements, collagen drinks and juices, my skin tends to be more supple and smooth. So, want to try it yourself? You can buy SOS UV Porcelain+ at , or you can contact them at if you have any further question and need information about the product.

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